I didn’t love him.
I barely liked him.
But he was heat at the peak of summer,
and he kissed like I was his last meal—
And I was looking for a body to drown in.
Back then, I had a candy-coated heart,
like flowers tucked in the pages of a hymnal,
and he had the thick, calloused hands
of a working man.
He talked like a friend,
but touched like an animal
and my bubblegum chest wanted that
in ways it couldn’t understand yet.
He asked what colors I kissed in
and the poet in me cracked open and spilled over—
Exposed like an open wound,
like all the soft, pink parts of me
I didn’t know about.
He was a means to an end:
my Machiavellian loss of innocence.
I don’t regret him,
but sometimes I wish I did.

First, by Ashe Vernon (via latenightcornerstore)

In your life, there will be one person, no matter how bad that person hurt you, makes you cry, you will never able to hate that person. No matter how angry you are towards that person, you will never hate that person. You just can’t. You know why? Because there is always love for that person inside your broken heart. Always. Even you know things between you and that person will never be ok. That person will become someone you always gonna love no matter what.

— Juliet Syafiqah (via julietsyafiqah)

It’s okay to love someone so much that it hurts, that it takes your breath away. I think that once in your life, you ought to love someone like that; freely, inconsequentially, passionately. Some people are lucky enough to have that kind of love and keep it for the rest of their lives, but for most, this kind of love just happens in passing, once or twice, a lesson of some sorts. And if that’s the case, darling, at least next time you’ll know better than to destroy yourself for someone that can never love you as much as you ought to love yourself.

— (via letters-to-the-sea)

I used to get excited
to see your name
show up on my phone
late at night,
while i was at work,
when i was in the shower.
I would rush and hurry
to respond to make sure
you didn’t lose interest,
and that you would reply
just as fast as
dried off my legs
and failed to rub lotion on.
And then I realized,
I was doing the same with you.
I was rushing,
making sure that we took each
one after another
without taking a break,
to make sure
that you didn’t lose interest,
like i knew you eventually would.
I wasn’t right for you,
and I tried to avoid that fact,
because I loved you.
I made you a country
in my world,
something like
in World War II.
You dominated.
And I tried to ignore that
at the end of the day,
you had more to find out about
You weren’t certain.
Instead of me acknowledging that
and passing you on
to yourself,
I tried to aid in your growth.

I became naive enough,
to let you stunt mine.

Cheating Yourself.

-Sade Harrison

(via wildsultrys0ul)